Peterson Cheese

Peterson Specialty Truck

Peterson Specialty Truck

The Peterson Specialty Truck, which was first introduced in 1999, is a mobile food market that travels to restaurants around Seattle and Portland, bringing the latest in specialty cheese, charcuterie, and accompaniments to your back door! The truck is operated by Garrett Abel, our Specialty Truck Sales Rep and Cheese Specialist, who has a wealth of knowledge and great stories to share about the wide array of artisan products found on the truck.

Here is just a sampling of what you might discover on the truck:

  • small-production Pecorino from Italy
  • Italian prosciutto and Spanish Iberico ham
  • rich pates, such as truffle mousse, campagne, and duck liver mousse
  • Northwest artisan cheeses
  • cured specialty meats such as lardo and guanciale
  • beautiful, delicate French cheeses flown in by air
  • warehouse specials and discounted items perfect for cooking

Select your next cheese or charcuterie flight with Garrett’s assistance, or learn about how cheeses are made and who produces that beautiful cured ham hanging from the rack. Bring your staff on board for a speed-training session, or simply keep current and check out the latest specialty products available through Peterson. You can even hand-select your own ingredients right off the truck!

Don’t know where to begin? Just ask Garrett why he loves ham…

Garrett schedules his truck route by appointment. Contact him at to schedule a visit!