We are proud to offer Satio Collection cheeses as part of our specialty catalogue. These distinctive, one of a kind cheeses are sourced from select producers across Europe who are dedicated to making authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality, with respect for tradition and a sense of place. Learn more at www.satiocollection.com or explore the cheeses below.

Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Camembert le Pommier, Brie du Pommier and our newest addition, Pont l’Évêque, represent this distinctive terroir, and offer the most authentic-tasting examples of these classic French cheeses available in the US.

The Auvergne region’s ancient volcanoes have eroded into rolling hills and plateaus with fertile soil and lush pasture, creating a unique micro-climate for cheesemaking, specifically, beautiful bleu cheeses.

The lacy white appearance of elderflower fields is beautiful from afar, but up close, it is the flower’s subtle fragrance of honey and vanilla that is so captivating. Regional family-owned cheesemaker Haxaire has begun infusing traditional Alsatian cheese with the elderflower blossoms, creating a new regional tradition.

Seignemartin is a third-generation family run company dedicated to the care and maturing of Comté, France’s most sold cheese. Located in the Jura mountains near the commune of Nantua, Seignemartin’s cellars contain the specialized conditions to bring out the best in each wheel of Comté.

Rising above the Balearic Sea and stretching across the continent to the Bay of Biscay, the Pyrénées mountains connect Catalonia to the Basque Country. The Py collection of cheeses is inspired by the hearty people who make these mountains their home, and the original cheeses found across this ancient and distinctive region.

One of the legendary hams of Europe, Jambon de Bayonne has been made in southwest France and sold at the port of Bayonne for generations. The hams can only be salted and aged in the Adour river basin and the unique microclimate of the region gives these hams their unique character.

Named for a wildflower found throughout the region, Génépi Alpine cheeses represent the best of the Alpine tradition. Focusing on natural aging and farmstead cheesemaking, each wheel is selected and ripened with a specific flavor profile in mind.

Taking its name from the caves that impart iconic flavors to the cheese, Wookey Hole is made following a traditional recipe, with milk from local herds that graze on the fields of Dorset.