We are proud to offer Satio Collection cheeses as part of our specialty catalogue. These distinctive, one of a kind cheeses are sourced from select producers across Europe who are dedicated to making authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality, with respect for tradition and a sense of place. Learn more at www.satiocollection.com or explore the cheeses below.


Normandy is known for its wet winters and vibrant green pastures that paint the countryside in the spring and summer months, milk from this region is famous for its richness and grassy character. Firmly rooted in the Norman cheesemaking tradition, Camembert le Pommier and Brie du Pommier represent this distinctive terroir.

The Auvergne region’s ancient volcanoes have eroded into rolling hills with fertile soil and lush pasture, creating a unique micro-climate for cheesemaking, specifically, beautiful bleu cheeses. Once the wheels are formed, they are transferred to the caves for careful aging, here they develop buttery flavors with a light spice. 

The lacy white appearance of elderflower fields is beautiful from afar, but up close, it is the flower’s subtle fragrance of honey and vanilla that is so captivating. Regional family-owned cheesemaker Haxaire has begun infusing traditional Alsatian cheese with the elderflower blossoms, creating a new regional tradition.